Words and photos by Yvonne.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Small Stones 19-24

A fragile wildflower
grows from a split
in the silver-gray stone
its roots thriving happily


Ground soaking rain of late
set the silver gray ceniza abloom
with diminutive rose-purple flowers
saying thank you


The queen palm spreads its fronds
creating a lacy and delicate shade
bestowing the harsh landscape below
with a bit of enchantment.


Morning light and shadows
becoming whimsically elongated
then leisurely withdraws
the enchantment of reflection
as the day progresses


Jackrabbits hurrying along
following the illuminated
veined roadmaps of their ears
 to a warm location
before the sable darkness
comes and
erases the course


Sepia toned
subjects sitting properly
some standing unbent
dubious faces of the past
looking back at me

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