Words and photos by Yvonne.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Photos, words, memories

Here are some photos and small stones from a beach trip.
The small stones are written in italics.
Stones are written when
one moment is paid attention to.
Photos can capture a moment as well.
As I walked along the beach I thought of words,
the history of this beach, and all the life
that is there, seen and unseen.
Look at the photos and read the stones separately,
and you realize it is the small things
that make life enjoyable.
(great blue heron)


Beds of oyster shells,
monuments to island Tancahuas.

(Seagulls at Port Aransas, Tx.)

Ghosts of
pirate adventurers

(sand dollar shell on the beach)

Medley of long thin legs
stand motionless
waiting for that
careless fish

(beautiful dunes and bright blue sky)

Sea gulls
snatching food
from each others beaks


(Port Isabel lighthouse)


Wherever you go,
I hope you savor the day,
and capture those moments
in photos,
in words,
or in memories.