Words and photos by Yvonne.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Small Stones 10-13

Tiny chapel
shelters gravesite and
candlelit altar
which holds
handwritten testaments
of faith
and gratitude.

Worn splints
and crutches,
pain and sorrow
stay behind...
now just castaways.


Savoring the slightly sweet liquid...
rich, with a slight taste of
mulberry, spice
and smooth vanilla,
watching the beads
roll transparent
down my glass.

Like some leafy creature,
exotic and large,
the philodendron's arms
safeguard a small
and timid creature
underneath its 
green and
somber veil.

Fog rolls serenely in,
and the misty lunar light
becomes radiant
while the quietude and stillness
seem to unearth my soul.

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