Words and photos by Yvonne.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Small Stones 14-18

 Sun streaming into my window
introducing shadows of leaf shapes
opaque silhouettes that resemble
Japanese calligraphy

Soft fuzzy heads
of purple fountain grass
dance in the gentle winds
swaying back and forth
the full wolf moon
and me

Soaring from broken woodlands
to summits of oak trees
scanning the world below
the Cooper's Hawk
finds it's ultimate perch and
adorns the top of the telephone pole
that leans into lost voices

Taking pleasure in the sunshine
the banana tree unfurls
stretches its large leaves
out into the world
looking at the birds
and the rose colored clouds
that sail above it at dawn

dark obsidian sky
broken only by
a handful of
dotted with twinkle

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